Kevin’s Story

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Unmasking Kevin’s Story

Kevin has a Master’s Degree in Statistics, a good job, and a healthy group of friends. He used his knowledge of statistics to create formulas that he thought could “outsmart” the oddsmakers and win money gambling on sports.

After a while, Kevin found himself more interested in feeling like he was “part of the action” than on actually winning money. He started placing wagers on more and more games, and soon couldn’t keep up with his wins and losses.

After constantly checking his phone to see game results at a friend’s bachelor party, he realized he might have a problem.

Kevin texted ILGAMB to 53342. He started to understand that he was an “action gambler,” and that his gambling stemmed from wanting to be seen as a “winner” by his friends. He started seeing a counselor once a week and committed to stop gambling. Now, he has more time for his friends and can be present in the moment.

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