Know the Feeling

It’s that sinking feeling that you get when you know something’s just not right.
A nervousness that won’t go away. Everybody feels it at some point in their life.
Don’t ignore the feeling.

Know the Warning Signs

Gambling isn’t always a problem. Gambling becomes a problem when it affects someone’s wellbeing or it affects the people around them. Ask yourself the tough questions.
Be honest with your answers.

Have you ever lied to family members, friends, or others about how much you gamble or how much money you lost on gambling?

Have you ever tried to stop, cut down, or control your gambling?

Have there been periods lasting 2 weeks or longer when you spent a lot of time thinking about your gambling experiences, or planning out future gambling ventures or bets?

Gambling Disorder Warning Signs

  • Thinking of gambling as a way to make money.
  • Gambling with money you cannot afford to lose.
  • Gambling when you are depressed or upset.
  • Unable to balance gambling with other activities.
  • Unable to stick to a time limit.
  • Chasing losses.
  • Unable to stick to a money limit.
  • Combining gambling with alcohol.

Take the Quiz

If you think you might have a problem with gambling, take this quick quiz to help determine what steps, if any, you should take.

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